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Auto dealers produce large amounts of service and sales records on a daily basis. Properly managing these documents can become costly, labor intensive and time consuming. Our software as a service hosted document management solution allows auto dealerships to utilize the benefits of a premier cloud based document management system without the upfront capital investment of premise-based solutions. Online hosted document management makes it possible to access documents and files, securely, from anywhere over the internet.

Benefits of Document Management for Auto Dealers

  • Scanned documents can be quickly and easily accessed
  • No more lost paperwork or searching for files
  • Improved compliance for audits, which can be performed electronically
  • Our cloud hosting services provide a secure digital document library for your dealership
  • Files can be accessed from anywhere using any mobile device
  • User securities are definable, allowing control over what information a user can access
  • No lead time or IT support is needed with our software as a service
  • Includes unlimited number of users with definable security restrictions
  • Month to month service contracts and NO hosting fees
  • On & off site scanning, file hosting, document storage, destruction and delivery services
Document Management for Auto Dealers


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Document Management Solutions for Auto Dealers

Document Scanning & Data Capture: Dealerships can save both time and money by outsourcing their scanning and advanced data capture services to an experienced vendor. Our state of the art secure records facility allows our customers to utilize the latest technologies, without the added cost of purchasing hardware, software, maintenance and additional IT support. We provide document scanning, advanced capture, indexing, processing and data conversion services both on and off site.

Cloud Hosting Solutions: Access your documents instantly from any mobile device using our cloud hosting document management service. We create and host a secure digital document library for your business needs. Paper and digital documents are received, captured and processed into a powerful document management system. Users can then securely access files online from anywhere.

Document Management & Capture Software: If you are looking to purchase document capture, document management, or workflow software for your business, we can help! We partnered with some of the leading providers in the field to offer flexible affordable solutions for businesses wanting an in-house solution. We offer technical support, training and customer assistance for all of our solutions.

Why Integrity Imaging Solutions

  • Experience: A management team with 30 years of combined experience in the Document Management industry. We have helped over 40 auto dealerships manage and streamline their document processes.
  • Commitment: Our company mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business by providing you with the best solutions and the very best in customer service. We want to become a trusted partner, which is why we believe in always doing the right thing for our clients.
  • Physical Security: Our facility is equipped with a 24 hour monitored alarm system and is accessible by authorization only. All records entering our facility for scanning and storage are entered into a tracking system upon arrival. All employees have signed confidentially agreements, passed background checks and are fully trained on our privacy and security protocols. Destruction of selected hardcopy records will always meet government and HIPAA destruction requirements.
  • Dedication: We know that every business is unique, and has individual records management needs. At Integrity Imaging Solutions, we are dedicated to helping each of our clients find and develop the solution which best fits those needs.
  • Data Security: Multi-level firewall protection and security policies ensure that all data is protected from both external and internal tampering. Data is automatically encrypted as it is written to disk and automated encrypted backups add an extra level of security against loss of data.
  • Remote Access: Documents can be accessed online using any PC, laptop or mobile device with an internet connection using our hosting service and cloud portal.
  • Accuracy: Every image is viewed page by page to ensure that the image quality is as good as or better than the original page. We also verify the indexing of every file to assure easy lookup and retrieval.