Document Management by Industry Affordable, Flexible Industry Specific Document Management for Business

Our industry specific document management solutions are designed to help businesses securely capture, access, and manage their paper and digital records. We have processed millions of documents to support virtually every industry including auto, legal, medical, construction, education, and government. We sell and support document management and scanning software; as well as provide scanning, file conversion and cloud file hosting services for business.


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Document Management by Industry

Document Management for Auto Dealers

Auto Dealer Document Management

Auto dealers produce large amounts of service and sales records on a daily basis. Properly managing these documents can become costly, labor intensive and time consuming. Our software as a service hosted document management solution allows auto dealerships to utilize the benefits of a premier cloud based document management system without the upfront capital investment of premise-based solutions. Online hosted document management makes it possible to access documents and files, securely, from anywhere over the internet.

Document Management for Medical

Medical Document Management

HIPAA laws and regulations require medical and healthcare professionals to retain, manage and access large amounts of patient information. This information must be secure and protected as mandated by law. Managing all these documents can become labor intensive and costly, negatively affecting productivity and efficiencies. Digitizing records and documents allows medical professionals to create a fully searchable, highly efficient database which is easily accessible and does not require expansive storage space. Our HIPAA compliant services help medical professionals easily manage, store, protect and securely access their documents.

Document Management for Legal

Legal Document Management

From court records to depositions, every case handled by a legal professional generates an abundance of paperwork. Document management for legal and litigation professionals often requires many hours of identifying, locating and researching large amounts of both paper and electronic records. Through digital document management, legal professionals can streamline operations to create a more efficient, productive environment.

Document Management for Education

Education Document Management

Every day, educators and administrative professionals within the education sector are charged with managing large amounts of paperwork. In addition, they must comply with numerous regulations that dictate document retention requirements while adhering to shrinking budgets and reductions in staffing. Properly managing and storing these documents can become costly, labor intensive and time consuming. Our solutions for educational institutions help solve their document challenges and greatly increase operational efficiencies.

Document Management for Construction

Construction Document Management

Multiple industries that are involved in construction are responsible for accessing and managing associated project files, large format plans, drawings and blueprints. Digitizing these files allows for easy access and retrieval of plans and supporting documents, allowing them to be shared with coworkers, contractors and other parties. Our document management for construction solutions help companies affordably manage, store, protect and securely access their documents & records.

Document Management for Government

Government Document Management

Federal, state and local government agencies continue to face pressure to reduce costs while maintaining an ever-increasing quantity of paper and electronic documents. Managing and processing all of these files often requires a staggering amount of time and labor as well as physical storage space. Electronic document management for government agencies can help streamline operations, increase efficiencies and provide a greater level of security. Our solutions help government agencies easily manage, store, protect and securely access their documents & records.