Document Management SoftwareEnd-to-End Process Automation and Workflow Solution for Enterprises of All Sizes

Choosing an in-house approach to digitizing important files requires the right document management software solution for the job. To implement the most efficient and effective digital file and document system, you'll need to choose a document management software solution which suits the unique needs of your individual business. We sell and support FileBound, an end-to-end process automation solution that can benefit enterprises of all sizes.

FileBound’s cloud based document solution automates enterprise workflow. This easy-to-use document management solution features capture, mobile access, forms processing, analytical tools, and more, in one comprehensive application. It replaces labor-intensive document filing and retrieval with efficient digital processes that decrease costs, improve productivity, and support compliance.

Benefits of Document Management Software

  • Increase employee productivity: Eliminate time spent searching for information so employees can remain focused on the work that really matters to your business.
  • Improve processes: Faster access leads to quicker results using automated processes.
  • Reduce costs: Improved work process efficiencies translate into improved bottom lines.
  • Simply compliance: Enforce complex privacy and security regulations for audits.
Document Management Software

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Why Use Document Management Software

Being unable to quickly find and access the information you need is critical to almost every area of business. FileBound Document Management software provides a fast and easy solution that manages critical business information. Users can access and store content such as; scanned images, office documents, audio and video files, e-mails and more in a centralized and secure repository.

Once files are in FileBound, they are protected against viewing or access by unauthorized users. At the same time, they are easily accessed by approved users through a simple search process. FileBound Document Management is an integrated application and includes:

  • Collect data on electronic forms from internal users or external customers
  • Affordable and flexible licensing options
  • Capture virtually any type of content using; drag and drop, TIFF printing, and data extraction from structured forms.
  • Software integration capabilities with other enterprise systems
  • The ability to search for specific documents and quickly view related documents
  • Security settings related to privacy and compliance are easy to set up, but hard to compromise
  • Mobile access allows secure access to stored data from any location with any device

Document Management delivers nearly immediate improvements in efficiency and can be further optimized with the addition of Workflow.

Document Management Industry Solutions

FileBound document management solution is being used across virtually every industry, and has a proven track record to deliver a return on investment. It is being utilized for:

  • Accounts Payable: Automating invoice processing eliminates late and duplicate payments and improves efficiencies of reconciliation with statements and vendor records.
  • Human Resources: Maintain secure and complete personnel and payroll records that fully comply with separation and privacy regulations.
  • Healthcare: Reduce expenses related to patient accounting and record keeping. Improve levels of patient care through better management of patient record information, forms, correspondence and other related documents.
  • Education: Instant access to student records improves administrative services for both staff and students. Controlled securities help ensure compliancy for state and federal agencies.
  • Legal: Mobile access allows users to compile critical documents like; client files, contracts and court documents from any location using any device or via integration with other systems.
  • Government: Improve document services while meeting the demands of lower budgets.

Document Management delivers nearly immediate improvements in efficiency and can be further optimized with the addition of Workflow.

Why Integrity Imaging Solutions

  • Experience: A management team with 30 years of combined experience in the Document Management industry. We have scanned and processed millions of documents to support virtually every industry including financial, legal, medical, government, education and business services.
  • Commitment: Our company mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business by providing you with the best solutions and the very best in customer service. We want to become a trusted partner, which is why we believe in always doing the right thing for our clients.
  • Dedication: We know that every business is unique, and has individual records management needs. At Integrity Imaging Solutions, we are dedicated to helping each of our clients find and develop the solution which best fits those needs.