Government Document ScanningSecure and Compliant Capture and File Conversion Services

Federal, state and local government agencies continue to face pressure to reduce costs while maintaining an ever increasing quantity of paper and electronic documents. Efficiently managing these records can become labor intensive and costly. In addition, software and hardware require ongoing investments for upgrades, maintenance and additional IT support. Our services help government agencies easily manage, store, protect and securely access their documents & records.

Benefits of Document Scanning for Government

  • No more lost paperwork or searching for files
  • Frees up valuable office space
  • Improved compliancy for federal, state and local regulations
  • Scanned documents can be quickly and easily accessed
  • Allows staff members to focus on high priority tasks
  • Improves efficiencies in routing, processing and service response times
Document Scanning for Government


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Why Integrity Imaging Solutions

  • Experience: A management team with 30 years of combined experience in the Document Management industry. We have scanned millions of pages for local, state and federal government agencies, helping them to securely manage and streamline their document processes.
  • Physical Security: Our facility is equipped with a 24 hour monitored alarm system and is accessible by authorization only. All employees have signed confidentially agreements, passed background checks and are fully trained on our privacy and security protocols. Destruction of selected hardcopy records will always meet government and HIPAA destruction requirements.
  • Data Security: Multi-level firewall protection and security policies ensure that all data is protected from both external and internal tampering. Data is automatically encrypted as it is written to disk and automated encrypted backups add an extra level of security against loss of data.
  • Accuracy: Every image is viewed page by page to ensure that the image quality is as good as or better than the original page. We also verify the indexing of every file to assure easy lookup and retrieval.
  • Remote Access: Scanned documents can be accessed online using any PC, laptop or mobile device with an Internet connection using our hosting service and cloud portal.

FAQs on Document Scanning for Government

  • What types of documents are typically scanned?

    Typical documents include; invoices, contracts, agendas, permits, accounting, human resources, police records, plans, and property management records.

  • How are the documents transported to your facility?

    Local pick-up and delivery services are available M-F within the greater Las Vegas area. Transport services outside of this area can be provided upon request, or documents can be shipped to our facility no matter where you are located!

  • How long does it take to scan the files once they are received?

    Files are scanned on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or project basis. The files can be appended to an existing system, delivered via DVD or SFTP, or hosted online.

  • What if I need a file while the documents are in process?

    We will locate the file and securely deliver it to you electronically.

  • Do the documents need to be boxed up before scanning?

    Documents should be placed in secured undamaged boxes prior to transport. We also supply boxes, packing and sorting services upon request.

  • Do the files need to be organized and or labeled prior to scanning?

    A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your account, ensuring your paper to digital file conversion is completed in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Do you also provide secure destruction of the hard copies?

    Yes, we offer secure on-site destruction services and short term storage for all or a portion of the scanned documents.